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Wednesday, October 14th 2009

8:19 AM

I am Moving and so is all my missions, and paintings, etc;FYI

Hey, World,

I am moving to Missouri and so is everything of mine, including my missions my LLPs, my paintings, sketches, photography, writings, etc, and my personal 'stuff' too.  I am notifying to give everyone a 'heads-up"  about this; and I am moving soon. My address is changing on everything and it is on file with many of my hosting companies for my websites and missions already. I already have a new landline number there.  I still have my PO BOX in Denver Colorado of PO Box 61513,Denver Colorado 80206 for transistion time.

 I am moving to be closer to my two grown daughters of Leigh Bills and Jennifer Borelli, and my little grandchildren too. I am so excited that I will be 800 miles closer to them and in a much safer state and place! And I will not be as afraid of being gunned down on the sidewalk as I fear in Denver Colorado, a place where much evil lurks. Colorado is in the corridor to hell I think;  but I am leaving it behind, and thanks be to GOD for that!

My newest site is http://gloriapoole.ca/  and much much thanks to Canadian government and hosting companies for allowing me to have my real name there also.   Also I have added new sketches to many of my sites and please see them at: http://gloriapoole.com/my-sketches/; and gloriapoole.me.uk/my-sketches2/

and http://gloriapoole.info/

and http://gloriapoole.name/

And added new paintings to: gloriapoole.com/paintings/

and glorias-paintings.com/.

Missouri is a very beautiful state, with flowers, and greenery and rolling hills. It is much like Georgia in landscape. And it has a most wonderfully BLUE brightly lit-up bridge at night and I saw it when I went to Leigh and Matt's wedding.  If you have need to contact me by phone call me on my Google phone. I am moving my cell phones with me but I don't publish those numbers on the web. Or mail to Gloria Poole,  PO BOX 61513 Denver Colorado 80206, until further notice.

/s/ Gloria Poole, @ Denver Colorado 80203/80206  @ 8:29AM 14-Oct-2009 .

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