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Saturday, November 21st 2009

7:48 AM

Is GOD or the Name of GOD owned by any group?

In the BBC news today, there is  an article about Malay authorities confiscating 15,000 Bibles  intended for Malaysian people even though the country thinks it has religious freedom. It seems they say t he controversy is over the inclusion of the Name "Al-Lah" for GOD in the Bibles. How could that be? Do not the Muslim people recognize that Name? Is it not their name for THE GOD?  I looked up that name in the Winston's English Dictionary and it said, "'Arab.<al-i--lah=The GOD" so called among Mohammedans" [as Muslims were called before they were called Muslims] .

And it says the authorities fear it is an effort by Christians to convert Muslims to Christianity. It sounds more like the Muslims trying to convert Christians to Muslims instead of the other way around, since the authorities are prohibiting the admission into the country of the Christian Bible, also called "The Book", and "The Good Book."

What are you Muslims so afraid of? That your faith will be questioned and you will fail the test? Or that it will prove to be a false religion? What is it you fear so much as to suppress any other printed Word of GOD from being read there? Do you honestly think GOD is only for the Muslims? What about that doctrine of "There is no GOD but GOD and Al-lah is His Name" that you chant? What does that mean if it does not mean that there is ONE GOD over all the human race? And why would you think that just as the Arabic word for tea cup, or pancakes, or blankets, or houses is different from the English, [ or Japanese, or Afrikaans, or Swahili, or any any other tongue] that the word =Name of GOD might also be translated differently?  It seems to me a recognition by Christians that indeed as JESUS HIMSELF spoke in John 10:30 " I and my FATHER [GOD] are ONE", that there is indeed only ONE GOD. JESUS said all along HE was GOD incarnate--born to a virgin miracle birth, born to die for the sins of the world, to redeem humans from sin, because they could not save themselves from eternal damnation to the pit of hell. [read Revelations and the Old Testament prophets]. The Jewish Bible is the Old Testament in the Christian Bible and the New Testament is the recorded history of GOD's relationship to humans after the arrival on the earth of GOD HIMSELF to dwell among us, and understand fully the tempations of humans but not to yield to them. HE was born of the Holy Spirit--the breath of GOD as you Muslims understand it, [and I understand that analogy also--it is spoken in the Bible in a couple of places] but born of a virgiin woman to experience the human life and to make it known more completely to humans what HE had in heaven so they knew and wanted to be in heaven some day. There were no accidents in the coming of JESUS to the earth, but it is the plan of redemption.

Now, I wrote all of that to get to this point, the Muslims also believe that there will come again a divine man--a Mehdi, I believe you call him, to redeem those on the earth who believe in THE GOD. I think that is a reference to the very same divine GOD in the flesh that the Christians call JESUS, because JESUS promised when HE ascended to heaven that HE would return again to claim HIS followers and to take them to heaven with HIM. I do not know much more about what you believe about the Mehdi than the spelling of his name as I read it in the BBC news once from an interview. I am willing to understand what you believe, why are you not willing to understand what Christians believe?

Look at it this way, an entirely pragmatic way: If Christians are right in believing the book of Revelations describing heaven, and who goes there; and you reject THE ONE who came to save you, you will go to hell. If however, you believe as the Book defines that, you will go to heaven. Now if the Christians are right and you believe, you have nothing to lose but eternal existence in hell. If the Christians are wrong, then they will spend eternity in hell because GOD is not mocked according to Galatians 6:7, and GOD is not a respecter of classes or ethnicity, or skin color, or religions.  So it is not a matter of what label you stick on a doctrine --whether Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Mohammedans, believers, Baptist, etc--what matters is IF you accept what GOD spoke and what HE said will happen on HIS jusgement day. If you reject GOD you will go to hell, I am certain of that. If you accept GOD in the flesh and HIS at-one-ment [atonement] for your sins, you will go to heaven. Read especially these scriptures : Revelation chapter 1:7-8 and  chapters 19-21; and the First Epistle of John chapter 1:5-10, and chapter 2:20-25 about "the HOLY ONE" and eternal life. I often write the scriptures on my websites but this time, I am purposely not doing that because I want to create in you a fervor to get a copy of the Bible and read these words for yourself. Seeing is believing in many instances, though faith is a necessary component of course.  I absolutely love the King James Holy Bible because I love the straight-talking bold in your face warnings of rejecting GOD and because I love the English as it is written there. The scriptures I quote or write are usually 99% of the time from the King James Holy Bible and the name of GOD there is written as "Jehovah, The Almighty, The Lamb of GOD, The Lord, " and other names also that GOD used to define HIS relationship to humans. IF the Arabic word for any of these names is "Allah" or "Al-Lah' then what is the problem?

If instead it really means a false god, something or some human other than GOD, that is a real problem, for you blaspheme GOD by attributing to HIM the names of false gods. So what is the truth of this matter of lawful authorities confiscating Bibles?

Incidentally, I am moved to Missouri and have every intention of continuing my ministry for THE LIVING GOD and for continuing my efforts to promote the cause of human life and humans being born alive, and also of painting and putting those on the web also.

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