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Sunday, January 3rd 2010

5:56 AM

Thank you High Court of Malaysia for not persecuting Christians

From the BBC news on 31-Dec-2009 this good news:

"A court in Malaysia has ruled that Christians have a constitutional right to use the word Allah to refer to God."

This is helpful I think because it allows the use of a word known by Muslims to represent GOD to be applied in situations with other religions also. It helps remove the barrier of communication when people who believe in GOD refer to GOD in different languages and different cultures. To me, for the Muslims to say they owned the name of GOD in their language was no different than Christians saying they owned the Name of JESUS, and for Jews to say they owned the Name of Jehovah.

Different languages have different words for everything and for every body generally speaking. Every word in Arabic is different from every word in English. That is not to say that one language is superior to the other, but is to say that distinct cultures with their own language refer to The Name of GOD in their tongue. For others to use that word /Name to refer to GOD when speaking so that the culture from which it originated understands who is being referred too, is a way of communicating on the deepest level, and it seems to me a way of finding 'common ground' in religious debate. For Christians to acknowledge that Allah is a name of GOD recognized by the Muslim/Islam faith is not disrespectful of Muslim people and I don't think it is disrepestful of THE GOD since Muslim people say the name of ALLAH means THE ONE GOD over all existence anywhere. Christians also say that the Name of JESUS means THE ONE GOD who appeared in the flesh on the earth and who died for the sins of the human race who repented of sin and turned away from sin, to choose GOD. Jews and also Christians also call GOD the Names of Jehovah, Lord, Yahweh, Messiah, I AM that I AM, the great I AM, and other Holy references to the fact that there is ONE GOD over all, ONE GOD who created all, one GOD who knows all, ONE GOD who loves all, and ONE GOD who is JUST, and righteous and HOLY. Christians recognize JESUS as the HOLY GOD born in the flesh to a pure woman, whom GOD HIMSELF chose, of the seed of the Holy Spirit as spoken by the angel to Mary, and who came to earth to see for HIMSELF and experience firsthand the temptations that HE expects humans to endure but who did not sin, and who made a way to heaven for all, when HE died on the cross, and when HE rose again to live in heaven forevermore. [ Read Revelations in Holy Bible]. Jews who believe the Old Testament or Torah also know of the coming Messiah, but they are not sure yet if JESUS is that ONE. Christians believe the New Testament and believe JESUS is that ONE that was foretold in the Old Testament.

The faiths that are monotheistic, declaring that there is only ONE GOD over all, that there are no such gods as were worshipped in the past with the names of animals or part animal-part human. Christians call those false gods, because they cannot deliver anyone from anything. And Christians --true believers in the Messiah named JESUS-- do not bow down to idols made from materials on the earth, acknowledging that to do that violates the Commandments of GOD in Exodus chapter 20 and acknowledging that such forms of worship offend THE ONE GOD in a mighty way. GOD warned against such forms of worship in Exodus chapter 20 and in many places in the Bible. We Christians also do not make images that are supposed to represent GOD nor bow down to statues or idols, or ikons, or any human created image of GOD. We do not call things made from materials on the earth or by human methods, any name of GOD! To do that would also violate the meaning of the warnings from GOD in Exodus chapter 20. We do not make images of GOD! We do not bow down to worship, or serve images in any fashion whether of humans or animals, or birds or four-footed things, or lift those up as representing the HOLY GOD. GOD said not to make images of GOD in Exodus chapter 20, [commandments of GOD]>*

You should read the article in the BBC for more on this ruling by the High Court in Malaysia:


Sunday, January 03, 2010 @6:54:28 AM

And aside from this I am asking the Chinese to please release political dissident Liu Xiao Bo, who has asked for liberties for the Chinese.

* Footnote : if you do not know the Commandments of GOD you could read them on this website:

http://gloriapoole.com/commandments [and if for some reason that site would be down, then you could read them at:]


(s) Gloria Poole, Missouri

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