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Wednesday, September 8th 2010

5:21 AM

No Difference in burning Qu'ran & banning/confiscating Bibles by Arabs

I have read some of the controversy about whether a church in Florida should burn a pile of the Qu'ran [Koran] and these are my comments about that.
 What is the difference in a church in America burning a pile of the Qu'ran and nations like Saudi Arabia,
Iraq, Iran, China, banning importation of the Holy Bible by people in their countries?  The Holy Bible is the Holy Book for Christians as the Torah is the Holy Scriptures for Jews, and the Qu'ran is the Holy book for Muslims.  Or those nations confiscating the Bible when a person at customs has it in their luggage or on them? Is there any difference in the burning of a book considered holy by some people and the banning importation or of confiscation of a different holy book by other countries? I say there is no difference in those events. Both are protests against a different holy book being used to influence the people.

If the Arabic and other nations like North Korea  want to continue banning the importation of the Bilble by people coming into or living in their nations, then they should not object to Americans burning the Qu'ran that was imported,  in protest to a religion that shows a blatant effort to annihilate other holy books and to prevent their subjects from reading the Holy Bible. Both burning of books and banning/seizing/confiscating books are attempts to prevent vulnerable people from reading them.  There is no difference in what Saudia Arabia routinely does since it bans Biblles and what the church in Florida is planning to do. Both are protests against other religions and in my opinion they are comparable protests.

In the US, the First Amendment gives citizens the right to protest peacefully. Burning of any sort of book as long as the fire does not get out of control and burn down property not belonging to them, is not harmful to anyone. The Qu'ran is sold in many countries is it not, and  could be bought again. And I would think that the copies of the Qu'ran that the church is burning belong to the church or they got them in some legitimate way.

So  I am asking the nations that ban/confiscate/impound/seize Bibles to stop doing that if you don't want Americans to protest YOUR holy book, by burning it.

And on another topic, thank GOD for Judge R Lamberth who has put an injunction against the abominable embryonic stem cell funding plans of the Obama administration and who wrote these words:
"Congress has mandated that the public interest is served by preventing taxpayer
 funding of research that entails the destruction of human embryos."
Judge Lamberth as quoted by article in the Washington Post at:

Permeditated destruction of human embryoes for any reason has to stop!

Gloria Poole; at my aprt in Missouri; 6:31 AM, 8-Sept-2010

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