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Saturday, September 10th 2011

2:26 PM

Public Health Notices & Blog is behaving in bizarre way--cybercriminals again????

I am trying to update my blog but it is behaving in very strange way.  It is the usual result of ANYTHING on the internet. I am sad that the internet is a failing enterprise totally as there are jillions of cyber-hacker-criminals who steal passwords but very few good companies on the web. I am updating some of my sites/ blogs. You could see more info at http://gloriasart.bravehost.com/ and also read the copyright notice I put on my blog at http://tapestry-of-life-llp.blogspot.com and see the FBI warning to criminals who break into other people's websites to steal and destroy.
Gloria Poole;@my apt in Missouri; 10-Sept-2011;3:31pm.
Also, read the public health warnings for today's entry and also on the previous entry on my blog at :
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